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I'm thrilled about the opportunity to potentially join your team, and I've outlined below a range of skills that I believe could contribute effectively to your projects. As a long-time admirer of your work, I've gained a solid understanding of your content vision, and I am eager to align my skills with your creative goals. Currently based in Valparaiso, Indiana - but I am flexible and accustomed to traveling frequently, as well as working remotely for clients. I find it truly commendable that you've extended this opportunity to creative professionals, and I genuinely hope to be viewed as a possible asset in your creative endeavors!


Film Production

I've lent my expertise to various production companies, including big names like MARVEL and AMC. Working seamlessly across multiple teams, I've successfully harmonized efforts to achieve overarching objectives. Being adaptable is my forte—I've demonstrated agility to travel and excel in fast-paced work settings, adeptly adjusting to evolving demands. In the face of change, I've shown resilience, navigating transitions with patience and adaptability. When it comes to challenges, I tackle them head-on, resolving intricate and unforeseen issues efficiently to ensure timely solutions.


Video Editing

My proficiency in video editing is marked by a keen sense of timing, particularly when it comes to crafting cuts that synchronize seamlessly with music. I specialize in using Adobe Premiere, leveraging its powerful tools to enhance and elevate the visual storytelling experience. Whether it's creating a dynamic rhythm in a music video or crafting an engaging story with visuals, my attention to detail and mastery of timing contribute to a polished and engaging final product. With a combination of technical skill and creative finesse, I consistently bring out the best in footage, delivering videos that captivate audiences through thoughtfully crafted edits and a harmonious blend of visuals and music.


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Video Editing

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My approach to photography involves customizing and curating photoshoot experiences, tailoring them precisely to meet the unique requirements and preferences of individual clients as well as captuirng live events. In the realm of digital presence, I am dedicated to developing, sustaining, and consistently refreshing social media profiles and websites to ensure a dynamic and engaging online presence. Even under tight deadlines, I consistently produce work of elevated quality, combining precision with creativity. My communication style is clear and professional, coupled with an approachable demeanor that fosters positive interactions with clients and collaborators alike.



I hold a degree in Telecommunications, with a focus on film production. I've had the privilege of contributing to various notable projects, including behind-the-scenes coverage for "The Walking Dead," producing compelling commercials for Ball State University, crafting captivating videos for Visit Indiana, and creating impactful corporate video pieces for multiple clients. These experiences have not only enriched my technical expertise but have also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the art of visual storytelling. My academic background, combined with hands-on work on diverse projects, positions me as a versatile and accomplished professional in the realm of videography!


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Video Editing

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Social Media Management

I conceptualized and brought to fruition various content creation initiatives, exemplifying a thorough and comprehensive creative process from start to finish. Coordinating marketing efforts across multiple store locations, I orchestrated cohesive strategies, ensuring seamless integration and a unified messaging approach. Through a skillful blend of written content and visual imagery, I effectively conveyed a coherent and clear online message. Staying attuned to current online trends, I ensured the ongoing relevance and effectiveness of our approaches. In addition, I facilitated transparent communication across multiple teams, fostering seamless collaboration and efficient information exchange to achieve collective goals.


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